Our Services
Residential remodeling

Rego Park Emergency Plumbing and Heating is a full-service remodeling company offering residential construction.  Additionally, we have craftsman that will provide cabinets, tile installation, and finish carpentry.  Sometimes home improvements are the function of necessity.  But more often, they are motivated by a dream, a vision of your home’s functional and aesthetic potential…a reflection of who you really are.
Rego Park Emergency Plumbing and Heating can help you realize your vision. Whether you are remodeling a kitchen or family room, a bathroom or den, finishing your lower level, or even the whole house, our experienced builders and craftsmen will work with you to create a home you can be proud of.  Our consultants have a broad range of experience in both traditional and contemporary design, which can prove a valuable asset as you make the decisions necessary to any such remodel project.  Getting it right is what it’s all about.